Our mission is to reflect the light of God's love by assisting individuals and families in need and pointing them to Jesus Christ. 

     MIRAMAR SENIOR CENTER                 1st and 2nd Thursday of each month

     OAKWOOD REHAB CENTER                 4th Tuesday of each month


            Monday, Wednesday, Friday 

       12:00 - 2:00 pm  Call for appointment


For those individuals and families in need we have a food pantry and we have access to the SHARE program.

SHARE is a non-profit, community-based organization

dedicated to offering healthy, nutritious groceries at

a roughly 50 percent discount.  This is accomplished

through high-volume purchasing and thousands of volunteer

hours, which strengthens the community for all.  SHARE

food packages are available to anyone who is interested.

Monthly value packages cost just $22 and include $40-$45 worth of basic and healthy groceries, and always four to six pounds of frozen proteins and eight to 12 pounds of  fresh fruits and vegetables, sometimes with seasonal grocery or dessert items.


The Gift of Giving