Pastor Curtis Barber

                                                TO THE STAR

          My Father's children, we are living in an ever-changing world.  We are two years in with the Covid-19 epidemic.  Everything and everybody have been affected, the world as we knew it has been forever changed. Darkness is rapidly spreading across the face of the globe.  Evil is being unleashed on a scale never seen before.  This world stands on the brink of global war and disaster.  Here at home, we are divided politically, racially, and morally.  High food and gas prices along with a shortage of supplies are forcing many into poverty and despair.  The loss of homes and the inability of people to pay their rent is forcing many to become homeless.  The masses are arming themselves with weapons and taken to resolving spats by taking justice into their own hands.  The uptick in crime and murder is wreaking havoc and causing people to walk in fear.  Men, women and even children are succumbing to the mental and emotional stress of it all causing an increase in drug addiction, overdosing and suicide.  This is the new normal.  The world is spiraling out of control.

           The church as well have experienced the changing effects of the Covid virus.  We have been limited in our ability to gather as was our custom to do prior to Covid.  Even with the development of vaccines that help to combat the effects of Covid, many have chosen not to come back into the setting called the church.  We are blessed to have digital capabilities to come together but people are even refusing to do that either because they are unable or just unwilling.

            I cannot deny that life as we know it has dramatically changed, but our God has not.  His sovereignty and power have not changed.  God's faithfulness, grace and mercy have not changed.  God's ability to sustain and keep us through and in these changing times have not changed.  God's word has not changed.  Our calling to be holy and righteous have not changed.  Our calling to come together has not changed.  Nor has our calling to share the Gospel and to be shining lights in this world changed.

As a ministry and as God's people we must continue to press forward with the gospel.  We must endeavor to commit ourselves to God and obey His command to go and makes disciples of all men.  While we may not be able to return to the norms we once knew, God's mandate to equip the saints for the work of the ministry and to impact lives for the kingdom must be carried out and must be our priority going forward.  We can accomplish much if we come back together as one to worship, study, grow, pray, and go.  We may not be able to go into people's homes, but we can go and pray in front of their homes and impact their lives through intercessory prayer.  We can equip ourselves with the power of the Holy Spirit and witness to our families, neighbors, friends, and co-workers by living before them.  We can impact lives by showing love and compassion through serving with our food bank ministry.

Let us come back together.  Fathers, mothers, grand-parents, and children, it's time to come back.  Teachers and leaders, it's time to come back.  Let us come back together to impact lives for Christ but, also to have our lives impacted by Christ.  The word of God says, "work while it is yet day, for night cometh when no man can work."  John 9:4

Your Servant in the Lord
Curtis T. Barber, Pastor