Mission Statement 

    To encourage men to become the spiritual leaders that the Lord calls them to be.  Providing a biblical education that will make a difference in our homes, community, church and nation.

                  Men Fellowship

     2nd Saturday of each month

                10 am - 12 pm

         FAMILY: Leading a Family 

A resource that will help men accept their calling and experience God's blessing as the spiritual leaders to their wives and children.  More than ever, families are desperate for spiritual leadership.  And that starts with the husband and father.  


In this study men will discover the six keys to true spiritual leadership in the home:

  • Deciding:  Taking ownership of their own spiritual journey

  • Demonstration:  Modeling a relationship with God

  • Displaying God's love in their relationships with their wives

  • Displaying God's love in their interactions with their children

  • Daily spiritual leadership through fostering spiritual connections in the home

  • Daily spiritual leadership through serving

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